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robynPeters Ofline
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The Essentials
Last Seen: Jan. 05, 2022
Joined: Jul 31, 2016
Age: 57
Gender: Male
Location: Dickson City, PA, US
About Me
I'm a closeted submissive cross dresser.
I'm here looking for friends to talk with, and to find like minded people who are into a hedonistic approach towards happiness.
I am from Dickson City PA.

I was taking hormones, and saw some progress in myself.
I had been taking Puraria Mirifica, it was awesome, but had to stop for various reasons. I wish I could return to taking them.

What am I searching for on this site? I'm looking for people to talk with, about various topics, from the day to day things that interest us in general, to specific topics about clothing, hormones, sexual interests, etc.

Because I have been asked:
My hard limits: No scat, no kids, no blood or knife play, even online. don't ask for it....

I Have also been asked, "If you are not planning on SRS why are you on hormones?"
The answer: just because I don't want to go under the knife, doesn't mean I don't want to look and feel like a woman. I just do not like doctors and don't trust anyone who wants to cut into me.

on another site, I listed myself as ...
"I was raised by a hutch of wild bunnies, who taught me how to enjoy every moment in life.
so take your bull by his horn, and guide him to were you want him to take you. "

I think that life is too short to not enjoy everything you do.

I am on a few other sites, if you want to know more, ask me in chat.

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