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Somewhere beyond the stars there is a star I will never know

Posted: 7 days ago - Feb 18, 2024
By: monicalvlytg2lv
In a world where identities are often taken for granted, being adopted can feel like a constant navigation through a constellation of unanswered questions easy to be lost in. Today, I find myself pondering my existence, feeling like a piece of a p...Read More

Embracing My Femininity to My Journey : A Transgender Woman's Journey of Self-Exploration

Posted: 1 week ago - Feb 18, 2024
By: monicalvlytg2lv
As I sit down to write, I find myself reflecting on my journey that has been both challenging as well as incredibly rewarding in different ways. It's a journey of self-discovery, of embracing my femininity, & of exploring the intricacies of who I a...Read More

Dominant mistress

Posted: 3 months ago - Nov 29, 2023
By: Missnicky
I’m a well trained and competent gender ID therapist. With my experience in this lifestyle, I’ll like to explore everything that a genetic girl does, including maybe (occasionally) having sex with a man. sissification is mostly about the beautiful ...Read More

"Ive Been to Paradise but I've Never Been to Me" - Who is Steph?

Posted: 3 months ago - Nov 28, 2023
By: LadyHawke69
All I knew for CERTAIN was how being Steph made me feel. I loved the way she moved through the world and the different way she was treated by others and the way she looked and the time, The effort and therapeutic nature involved in getting her to look ...Read More

Afternoon with tea.

Posted: 3 months ago - Nov 16, 2023
By: helendearborn
On a low marble topped table sit two cups two saucers two spoons, remnants of a quiet personal ritual shared by two. As the afternoon begins to deepen to evening soft rain falls almost without sound from a tender gray skyOn a settee, quiet for the mome...Read More

Rural Texas

Posted: 4 months ago - Nov 09, 2023
By: GreenCountry
Hey my beeches it’s your transmac Loganillo up here. If anyone in the hunt county, Texas area is looking for a bomb time this week hit me up Read More


Posted: 4 months ago - Oct 12, 2023
By: Diana1k
Hi,I'm back. Living in racine, WI and looking forward to fo8ng out with someone on date night. I'm bi.Read More

Clothes make the girl

Posted: 5 months ago - Sep 24, 2023
By: FemmeJim
Just getting started here on the site. Crossdresser since before puberty but exploring it more intensely now. Married not looking to cheat but would like to be seen, accepted, and embraced by women and other crossdressers. Maybe share tips, CD frien...Read More


Posted: 7 months ago - Jul 26, 2023
By: diamomoza
normality......what is it a woman roselle wanting to be a wife 🦋 my wife. Read More

rock n roll girl

Posted: 7 months ago - Jul 23, 2023
By: Shanda
I wanted to be in a girl band so bad I showed up and said I could play bass I really couldn’t They kicked me out im a lot better now ive had to keep the girl on the downlow just keep trying to look better the better I look the better I feel the bette...Read More

WARNING there are imposters here at this site!

Posted: 7 months ago - Jul 14, 2023
By: iamarcus
In tobetter judgement to members here who insist of posting fake profile photos claiming to be themselves, where is the common decency?Where are the sense of being honest? There are good members here who been imposters of fake photos of themselves. A...Read More

So sexy

Posted: 8 months ago - Jun 27, 2023
By: DreayaRoses
Very cool laid back . Just want to find my right oneRead More

remember when...

Posted: 9 months ago - May 28, 2023
By: iamarcus
When the world was cookie cut?How the thing that deemed inappropriate is hearing June Cleaver tells her husband Ward, //////:I think you were a little hard on tBeaver?Ot the only responses we heard from children was "Gosh " or "Gee.."And how boring th...Read More

We decided to start off 2010

Posted: 10 months ago - Apr 16, 2023
By: newzealandesc
We decided to start off 2010 by chilling out in an uber cool bar that had disappeared for a few months only to resurrect at 41A Neil Road. We were relieve to find that the new DMYK had retained its distinctive style &&...Read More

A Wonderful Site .....

Posted: 1 year ago - Feb 05, 2023
By: PaulPaula
How refreshing to have discovered this amazing site!! I am advised that it is a well known fact that all males have a feminine side and all females have a masculine side. So accept this fact and do not be afraid to be your true self. Suddenly, life ca...Read More


Posted: 1 year ago - Jan 26, 2023
By: Bunskins
So I’ve been crossdressing for over 25 years. Nothing turns me on more than shaving all my body hair, slipping into some sexy lingerie and heels, and making love to my wife. She’s very understanding to my needs, but I don’t think she understands ...Read More

How to start a Chat

Posted: 1 year ago - Oct 07, 2022
By: SandyBridges
I've been at this website ( since the mid 1990s. Maybe even as early as 1994.Back then I was 31, chatting online was still pretty new. And we had to learn how to chat with one another. Even though I am STILL closeted to a degree, I feel ...Read More

whatever happened to sincerity and honesty?

Posted: 1 year ago - Sep 13, 2022
By: iamarcus
Hello gentle reader,When I first joined this site many sunsets and sunrises ago, I had befriended someone who opened up about their past. The person was determined to be accepted in the world as a woman. She lived 21 of her 40 years as a woman. I knew ...Read More


Posted: 2 years ago - Aug 21, 2022
By: Michellebb
O wow can’t be this hard to find girls wanting to go out and or men wanting to buy me outfitsRead More


Posted: 2 years ago - Aug 19, 2022
By: Suzy72
I’m a visually impaired person who born with 2 rare eye conditions, aniridia and nystagmus and also cataracts and glaucoma. As a kid in the 80s I have played various computer games from original games console Pong to various arcade games while o...Read More

Confidence Level

Posted: 2 years ago - Aug 01, 2022
By: iamarcus
Good evening, afternoon, morning Ladies of the site...I was wondering where you confidence level is?10being, you feel comfortable being seen in public 24/7/365 out in public and enjoy being addressed as Miss, Ms, or Mrs ?9 being have ventured to be see...Read More

*Living Intentionally*

Posted: 2 years ago - Jul 27, 2022
By: CadenceElizabeth
I began my transition from a place where once I knew who and what I was, I still felt like I had to wait my turn to be me, wait for life to be perfect for transition, wait for the planets to align so that everything would be easy, fair, and perfect; so...Read More

*I'm NOT Difficult to Love...*

Posted: 2 years ago - Jul 27, 2022
By: CadenceElizabeth
I'm NOT difficult to Love...I always thought I was simply difficult to Love. I was Trans, a lesbian, I just figured that added to the difficulty level in Loving me, and that was why all my relationships would always end and I'd get thrown away.Now I un...Read More

October 22, 2022: Mx. Tiffany Leigh's GORGEOUS: TG/CD/NB Triangles Reunion Party!

Posted: 2 years ago - Jul 24, 2022
By: tiffanyleigh
On Saturday, October 22, 2022, for one night only, Triangles Cafe is BACK!Join me for the GORGEOUS: Friends of Triangles Reunion party at Sugar Hollow Taproom in Danbury, CT… aka home of the original Triangles Café, where my legendary trans + q...Read More
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