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chatTransChatr is your free transgender chat and social network, where you can meet friends for peer support or a fun social experience. We welcome all who self-identify as transgender including MtF, FtM, transgender, crossdressers, transexuals, pre-op, post-op, non-op, drag queens, gender questioning, androgynous, non-binary, etc. Significant others and trans community friends are always welcome too. It takes 30 seconds to join and it's always 100% free. Just click here to register for your free trans chat membership. If you're already registered you can click here to sign in.

Free Trans Chat Profiles

photosCreating your free trans chat profile is very simple. Register for free and you will be able to set a profile photo. Fill in your age, location, gender and about me to start. Add to your profile as you go. You don't have to upload a profile photo but those who do enjoy much more interaction with our active members. Members with photos get 20 times more friend requests than those who don't, so we highly recommend using a nice photo to make that first impression. Upload one or more photos. You can even make some of your photos private, only to unlock for those you choose. You can easily unlock those private photos for other members of your choosing by clicking on the unlock button in their profile. Have some fun in our trans chat room!

Local Transgender Chat Rooms

onlineCheck out local and international transgender chat rooms waiting for you on TransChatr right now! The chat platform is completely mobile friendly so you can access free trans chat while you travel or anywhere you happen to be. It doesn't matter whether you're in Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Zealand or the United Kingdom. TransChatr can connect you with your transgender friends wherever you are.

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Hello! I am a hermaphrodite born with both male and female reproductive genitals. I am a physician by career, helping all.

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