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A Girly on the up! :)

Posted: 2 days ago - Sep 26, 2022
By: Song
Here I am again, the Selfie Princess who could not stop smiling so big and looking as cute as ever!! I went to my favorite restaurant yesterday, The Texas Roadhouse, to order my dinner, a steak, steak fries and steamed vegetables and rolls! I went in ...Read More

Playing my Bongos on another lonely Saturday night ;(

Posted: 4 days ago - Sep 24, 2022
By: Song
Do I look slender and sexy? I have been doing lots of aerobics, and really cutting down on junk food! I am as lean as ever! This picture is part 1 of my series to teach naughty guys to use their imaginations more often :)! Girlies just love men who ha...Read More

Dancing my pain away. :(

Posted: 4 days ago - Sep 24, 2022
By: Song
This is a still pic from a video clip I uploaded to my Flickr page after getting another injection in my right eye earlier that day. This time, the doctor injected an implant, a "pellet" with medicine that will take up to 4 months to release it all. I...Read More

Front line Fraulein. My life in the line of (verbal) fire!

Posted: 7 days ago - Sep 22, 2022
By: Song
A pic in my gym after doing my legs on the legs press machine, pressing over 500 lbs! It stands to reason, that if you are on the front line, you will take the most hits. I am out there front line and center, and let me tell you it's a cruel world! Th...Read More

whatever happened to sincerity and honesty?

Posted: 2 weeks ago - Sep 13, 2022
By: iamarcus
Hello gentle reader,When I first joined this site many sunsets and sunrises ago, I had befriended someone who opened up about their past. The person was determined to be accepted in the world as a woman. She lived 21 of her 40 years as a woman. I knew ...Read More

My signature "Triple Crown" for getting attention! :)

Posted: 3 weeks ago - Sep 09, 2022
By: Song
In my room just before heading out to test my new gym suit in the outside world (a world I am well acquainted with thank you, and where it all counts!). Lots of action was out there, construction, traffic, busy bodies everywhere! Ah yes, that's just ...Read More

Hoping for a delightful Thursday Night! :0

Posted: 3 weeks ago - Sep 08, 2022
By: Song
Hiding in the bathroom looking so sexy after putting on my new workout suit (just arrived today!). I am so happy with it, fits me purrrfectly! I went with Medium top and XXL bottom (with thighs like mine, you have to make sure to leave plenty of room ...Read More

A blow-dryer, and a beautiful but painful memory in my life.

Posted: 3 weeks ago - Sep 05, 2022
By: Song
This was me, last night after doing my hair. That blow-dryer is not just an ordinary one, it has a story to tell, a special, but painful time in my life, years ago. A guy who did my hair, Sylvio, lived in East Dallas, and I travelled miles to see him a...Read More

Ya' gotta have it all and do it all! The life of an F.T.G. (Full Time Girly:)

Posted: 4 weeks ago - Sep 02, 2022
By: Song
Sent this super cutey selfie to my hunky guy, who is busy with his buddies (guys night out, It's Friday ;(, but hoping this dinner I cooked will make him forget about his buddies and rush home to be with me! Hamburgers, homemade French fries, and Cole ...Read More

Looking like a Girly, (even when not trying to :) A true mark of success!

Posted: 4 weeks ago - Sep 01, 2022
By: Song
I can't count the number of times I was out at stores, restaurants, events, or playing my bass at an open jam, or club performance, how many times the men would whistle at me or make comments, playfully teasing, or, seriously flirting, when all I was d...Read More

Song's Beauty Secrets part 5! Another day in the life of a full time GIRLY, and her legs!

Posted: 4 weeks ago - Aug 30, 2022
By: Song
In my gym after pumping my thighs to the max! After I do this, I always go for a long walk, or biking, jogging or to run errands, of course trying to get the attention of as many guys as possible lol! Being honest here, it always works! A well-built, ...Read More


Posted: 1 month ago - Aug 21, 2022
By: Michellebb
O wow can’t be this hard to find girls wanting to go out and or men wanting to buy me outfitsRead More


Posted: 1 month ago - Aug 19, 2022
By: Suzy72
I’m a visually impaired person who born with 2 rare eye conditions, aniridia and nystagmus and also cataracts and glaucoma. As a kid in the 80s I have played various computer games from original games console Pong to various arcade games while o...Read More

Confidence Level

Posted: 2 months ago - Aug 01, 2022
By: iamarcus
Good evening, afternoon, morning Ladies of the site...I was wondering where you confidence level is?10being, you feel comfortable being seen in public 24/7/365 out in public and enjoy being addressed as Miss, Ms, or Mrs ?9 being have ventured to be see...Read More

*Living Intentionally*

Posted: 2 months ago - Jul 27, 2022
By: CadenceElizabeth
I began my transition from a place where once I knew who and what I was, I still felt like I had to wait my turn to be me, wait for life to be perfect for transition, wait for the planets to align so that everything would be easy, fair, and perfect; so...Read More

*I'm NOT Difficult to Love...*

Posted: 2 months ago - Jul 27, 2022
By: CadenceElizabeth
I'm NOT difficult to Love...I always thought I was simply difficult to Love. I was Trans, a lesbian, I just figured that added to the difficulty level in Loving me, and that was why all my relationships would always end and I'd get thrown away.Now I un...Read More

October 22, 2022: Mx. Tiffany Leigh's GORGEOUS: TG/CD/NB Triangles Reunion Party!

Posted: 2 months ago - Jul 24, 2022
By: tiffanyleigh
On Saturday, October 22, 2022, for one night only, Triangles Cafe is BACK!Join me for the GORGEOUS: Friends of Triangles Reunion party at Sugar Hollow Taproom in Danbury, CT… aka home of the original Triangles Café, where my legendary trans + q...Read More

Just coming out.

Posted: 2 months ago - Jul 20, 2022
By: ReddSophi
Hi I am a transgender MtF AMAB that was raised in a Mormon household. It's been tough for me in general, but I'm on here now looking for friends and supporters. I've been through a lot, both emotionally and physically. Lost my parents (both) to Covid-1...Read More


Posted: 4 months ago - Jun 07, 2022
By: serviceman
WELCOME TO BLOGS FOR TRANS CHAT!We've been working for months to create member blogs and we're happy to announce they are now available! Look for "Blogs" in the main navigation menu to see member blogs or to create your own blog entries. This is where ...Read More

URNotAlone Journals are Back Online!

Posted: 4 months ago - Jun 07, 2022
By: Lori
We've been working for months to restore the old URNotAlone Journals feature. They are back online as "blogs." Blogs are available for all trans chat members. We hope you'll find the feature useful. Let us know if you spot any bugs. Read More


Posted: 1 year ago - Aug 09, 2021
By: KarenMichele
Its is now 2021, and as in my two previous journal entries from years ago, I am still doing breast enlargement, and still loving my gnomes in World of Warcraft! Now If I can just get lost in a late 1950s Irving Claw fetish household, things would be p...Read More

A little Fun

Posted: 1 year ago - Aug 02, 2021
By: Cheri
I aspired to be her in Grease in my teens - hair and all!     Read More

Untitled Post

Posted: 1 year ago - Aug 01, 2021
By: lynnekc
As I look thru the birthdays today, I am saddened to see so many that I have chatted with and have been friends with, not been on URNA since last year , and I hope this terrible pandemic has not affected themRead More


Posted: 1 year ago - May 22, 2021
By: iceja
Today we have a twice more transphobia than at 2004, it growsRead More
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