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jennc Ofline
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The Essentials
Last Seen: May. 03, 2022
Joined: Sep 13, 2015
Age: 46
Gender: T(M2F)
Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia, CA
About Me
Thanks for visiting!! I'm very approachable and friendly... and so NOT into that 'attitude' thing!

I'm very supportive of anyone at any stage of their journey into, or interest, into the transgender community.

I'm very realistic, I've gone about my transition through lots of research, reaching out to anyone in the community at any stage of their transition, I've been formally diagnosed with gender dysphoria and that was really the stepping stone into my own personal transition and journey.

I'm lucky enough to be one of the online chat moderators at URNA. Please feel free to say hi! I don't bite.. hard lol

-jenn <3

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