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Talkin' the talk & walkin' the walk!

Posted: 2 months ago - Jun 08, 2022

I love the hot weather! Today was another reason why. I had much to do, errands, groceries, then of course, a workout in my gym, followed by a walk in the sun on a sidewalk on the highway that is next to my street (I am the last house on the right). People were everywhere, it was a busy day, so my timing was awesome lol! I crave the attention, good or bad lol! Cars honk, people stare, yell, whistle, I love it all! The things I hear the most are "Love your hair!", and "Those legs are nice!". I am seldom told I am pretty, but when you have a hot body and hot hair, looks don't matter lol! There's nothing like it, and it's the very reason why I am the way I am. Most people are friendly to me (small town love ok!). I know some do not like me, and they are nice just to be nice, but inside I know they hate me. Hey, it's ok. I am not a walkin' talkin' example for anyone else or anything else. I don't carry a flag for anyone or anything, or stand for anyone or anything, only for myself. It's a lonely world yes, but that's how it has to be. I take care of everything, hair, skin, teeth, nutrition, hydration, muscles, bones, everything! Today will be another awesome day! It's legs workout day, a bike ride, then Sushi for dinner (every Wednesday). I am on a mission! I plan to feature the hottest legs you will ever see, by year's end! At this time, my thighs measure 25.5. I want to see 27 on the tape measure, that's my goal! Song

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