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Is love just a construct ? / Member Introductions / Transgender Forum

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#1 Aug 01, 2020 7:31:PM


Is love just a construct ?

Or is it real? I find myself heartbroken and in desperate need of a partner, lover, best friend. I was raising three of my grandsons by myself however an evil person where I live wanted one of the boys and so started calling in complaints about said child to DCF, and though I'm still scratching my head as to how this happened and how said individual ended up getting thier pick of the litter! The other two boys are scattered across the state and I fear I may never see them again. I have hired an attorney and will fight to the bitter end to get them all back but for now I hurt! I have made my profile pic private due to where I live and how being on here could possibly affect the coming court case not to mention being outted would or at least I fear ruin the life I have built. If anyone is sincere I can of course unlock my photo for them! Before deciding if you wish to pursue getting to know me please read my profile and know that if we decide to become a couple odds are you'll end up in a small rural community as I'm not looking to relocate just yet, I'm too far from home already. I'm not the best looking guy anymore so you might want to consider that as well. I have been approached by others checking me out but reading thier profiles I think they have mistaken me for something I am not. I'm just a regular guy looking for love, if I find that with a transgendered woman or gg I'm not sure it matters anymore, just sick and tired of being alone,  the silence is deafening!


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